Pathakwadi Farm Stay


Farm Stay



At “Pathakwadi Farm stay,” we offer a range of stay options to suit every guest’s preference. Our well-appointed rooms provide a cozy and comfortable retreat, each equipped with attached washrooms for your convenience and privacy. For the adventurous souls, we provide spacious tents amidst the lush surroundings, allowing you to experience nature up close and personal.


Our farm stay is not just a place for leisure, but also serves as a versatile venue for corporate programs and gatherings. The serene ambiance and natural beauty provide an ideal setting for team-building workshops, conferences, and small corporate events. Whether you seek to foster creativity, collaboration, or simply a break from the office routine, “Pathakwadi Farm stay” offers a multifunctional space that caters to your corporate needs.


Join us at “Pathakwadi Farm stay” for an immersive stay that blends nature’s wonders with versatile facilities, making it the perfect destination for both leisure and corporate pursuits.

The Nests

Immerse yourself in the rustic charm of our countryside retreat. Pathakwadi Farm Stay offers a serene escape where you can experience the beauty of nature and enjoy a tranquil getaway.

Accommodation Features:

  • Thoughtfully designed rooms that capture the essence of rural living

  • Comfortable Queen Size Bed for a restful stay

  • Attached Washroom for your convenience

  • Private Balcony with Seating to take in the picturesque views

  • Relaxing Veranda space surrounded by nature

  • Well-equipped with Electric Points, Lights & Fan

Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or simply a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, Pathakwadi Farm Stay provides the perfect setting. Reconnect with nature, rejuvenate your senses, and create lasting memories in this tranquil haven.

Camping Stay

Our camping stay goes beyond the ordinary, nestled in a riverside property surrounded by nature. We prioritize cleanliness to provide an exceptional destination suitable for all types of travelers.


Camping Features:

– Stay in comfortable Two Men Camping Tents

– Equipped with 02 Single Mattresses for a cozy sleep

– Access to Communal Washroom facilities

– Perfect for 01 to 02 Guests per tent


Immerse yourself in the beauty of the great outdoors while enjoying the comforts of our thoughtfully designed camping setup. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or a couple seeking a unique experience, our riverside camping is the ideal choice. Revel in the serenity of nature, create memories around the campfire, and relish a camping experience like no other.


Multifunctional Hall

Introducing our versatile multifunctional hall, perfect for birthday parties and small events!


Spanning 250 sqft, our hall is designed to cater to your celebration needs while providing a cozy atmosphere. Equipped with all the essential facilities, it’s the ideal space to create unforgettable memories.



– Ideal for Birthday Parties and Small Events

– Total Area: 250 sqft

– Well-equipped with all necessary facilities

– Versatile layout for various event setups


Whether it’s a joyful birthday gathering or an intimate event, our multifunctional hall offers a welcoming environment where you can celebrate with ease. Book now and make your special occasions even more memorable!

Facilities available




  • 3-acre expansive property

  •  Emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene

  •  Spaced-out seating for social distancing

  •  Riverside location near Mulshi

  •  Ample lawn area for games

  •  Authentic Maharashtrian cuisine

Discover the charm of our property with its spacious grounds, focus on hygiene, riverside setting, and opportunities for both relaxation and recreation. Enjoy genuine Maharashtrian flavors and a safe, inviting atmosphere.